Canon Tower Defence Game



Cannon Tower Defense is a combination of strategy and shooting games where different types of enemies attack a castle tower out in a lonely desert. There is a cannon on the top of the tower to defend it from these enemy attack. Consecutive shooting to these enemies is the key defense in these shooting games. Use your power-ups carefully. Like any other shooting games, you might end up with a lack of ammo if you don’t use power-ups properly.

Cannon Tower Defense is one of the easiest control tower defense games. It’s unique for this simple control mechanism. Player will only have to put the power by tapping left to right on the screen. The speed of the cannon ball depends on the horizontal touch position. Cannon speed is proportional to touch distance horizontally from left edge of the device screen.

2 types of enemies.

a. Ground alien enemy

b. Air ghost enemy

Each type of enemy has its own characteristics.


3 attractive power-ups (more coming soon) to destroy alien and ghost type enemies.

a. Battering Ram

b. Burning Arrows

c. Catapult Barrage

Default Ammo: Cannonball.

Consecutive hits to the enemy will be rewarded with these special power-ups.

Game Mode:-

a. Strategy Mode:

3 reasons may be responsible for game over. It may be happen because of no ammo remaining or out of time or out of health. So there is always a strategy of how user will play and how he will utilize the power-ups.

In the later versions, more feature will be coming.

Engage in fun-packed game-play, shoot enemies with cannon and defend the towe